Amigo The Devil

Born Against (Vinyl)

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Amigo The Devil's Born Against is available on vinyl, providing an unparalleled listening experience delivered with warm and natural sound quality. With its extended dynamic range, vinyl is the perfect medium to capture the complexity and depth of Amigo The Devil's music in full detail.

 Born Against 12 Inch Vinyl by Amigo The Devil

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Track Listing:
01. Small Stone
02. Quiet As A Rat
03. Murder At The Bingo Hall
04. Drop For Every Hour
05. Better Ways To Fry A Fish
06. Different Anymore
07. Another Man’s Grave
08. 24k Casket
09. Shadow
10. Letter From Death Row

Executive Producers: Kevin Zinger, Ivory Daniel, Hillary Clinton
Producer: Beau Bedford
Engineers: Jeffrey Saenz, Beau Bedford
Mixers: Beau Bedford at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, TX
Mastering Engineers: Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering

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