Amigo The Devil

Caving In Alive and Alone (DVD)

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Known as a storyteller who leans toward darker narratives, Amigo The Devil's penchant for melody and emotive vocals are in full display in this intimate performance filmed inside a dimly lit cave with only an isolated mic and acoustic guitar.

  1.  Cocaine and Abel
  2. Dahmer Does Hollywood
  3. One Kind of People
  4. Murder at the Bingo Hall
  5. Different Anymore
  6. Short Story: Space
  7. Another Man's Grave
  8. The Dreamer
  9. Hungover in Jonestown
  10. Short Story: Born Against
  11. Quiet as a Rat
  12. Perfect Wife
  13. Hell and You
  14. Stronger than Dead
  15. OK, Goodnight